Some hero uploaded a Death Cab For Cutie x Kanye West mashup EP and we can’t get enough of it

Death Cab For Yeezy

Having a rough week? Need a little something to boost you before the weekend? Well, if your music taste hits somewhere between indie rock and high-profile hip-hop, this might do the trick….nay, this will do the trick.

Some wonderful Soundcloud user uploaded a mashup EP, combining Transatlanticism Plans-era Death Cab For Cutie with early-career Kanye West. Though the mashup has only been up for less than a week, the tracks have already racked up anywhere from 16,000-64,000 plays. And, by the looks of Death Cab For Cutie’s Facebook page sending out a link to the page, it seems they approve as well.

So, if you’re like us and spent many sleepless nights wondering what the possibilities of Late Registration’s “Touch The Sky” would be like, set to the consistently groovy instrumental of Plans’ “Soul Meets Body,” or the next-level re-imagining of “Crooked Teeth” attached to “Get ‘Em High,” get ready for a enjoyable, eclectic listen. Happy weekend!