Dads vocalist/drummer John Bradley diagnosed with cancer

John Bradley
photo via Facebook

It’s been very quiet in the Dads camp since the two-piece emo band dropped off back-to-back tours with Lemuria and the Appleseed Cast last spring, with little explanation given outside of “personal reasons.” Yesterday, Dads vocalist/drummer John Bradley broke his silence (aside from talking about pro wrestling on his Smarkville podcast) and posted the following note to Twitter, which revealed a very serious issue he is dealing with currently:

“Last October I was diagnosed with cancer and later this week I will undergo another surgery to try to beat it,” Bradley writes. “I’m tired of keeping it a secret and letting it control my life and make me feel unhealthy or vulnerable. I have cancer but I’m going to beat it.”

While Bradley’s cancer diagnosis doesn’t appear to be related to Dads entering a self-imposed hiatus, given the timeline discrepancies, there’s no way of knowing if Bradley’s body was showing symptoms of cancer way back then and played a role in the tour cancellations. Regardless, we wish Bradley the best and hope he has a speedy road to recovery. Dads’ most recent album was 2014’s 6131 Records-released I’ll Be The Tornado.