PREMIERE: Dig bands like the Strokes and Cold War Kids? You’ll like the Knitts

The Knitts
photo: Hadas

Los Angeles quintet the Knitts has been kicking around the LA garage-rock scene since 2011, but 2016 is poised to be their year. The band’s new EP, Simple Folk, carries a vibe that’s part Strokes, part Cold War Kids, and the song we’re premiering today, “Knives,” is one of the EP’s strongest tracks. Frontman Justin Volkens explains:

“‘Knives’ was a song we had been messing around with since we started playing together. The instruments had been written for a while before we decided on the lyrics and arrangements. We try and approach all of our songs with a fresh mind of new ideas and influences, and ‘Knives’ was no different. We wanted a song that was heavy, yet melodic in tone which had yet to be explored by us.”

The Knitts’ Simple Folk EP will be released February 12 via Knitting Factory Records.

The Knitts’ next show will be February 15 at the Lost Room in Los Angeles (details).