PREMIERE: Texas Is The Reason’s Garrett Klahn quiets down with “Motion For Action”

Garrett Klahn
photo: Federico Álvarez

Garrett Klahn has been making music for two-plus decades, singing and playing guitar in a variety of amped-up rock bands (most notably Texas Is The Reason, but also Solea, the New Rising Sons and more). Yet 2016 is his first foray into the world of being an honest-to-god solo artist. On his self-titled debut LP, Garrett Klahn slows down the tempo and dials down the volume to focus on mood and ambience. That doesn’t mean it’s a folk record, though: As you’ll hear in “Motion For Action,” the track we’re premiering today, Klahn is an expert at building a song from its stripped-down roots to letting it crescendo with a triumphant guitar line. Klahn explains the story behind the song:

“‘Motion For Action’ is the oldest of the songs on the album, probably written around 2006. For some reason I held onto it very tightly. It went thru a few different personas over the years but what you hear on the album is the fully realized version. The song is very sweet and subtle until the last minute when it all comes crashing down around my favorite guitar line on the whole record.”

Garrett Klahn’s Garrett Klahn will be released January 15 via Rise Records and can be pre-ordered here.