PREMIERE: Lost Film’s “Closer” is lo-fi indie pop at its dreamiest

Lost Film

For Northampton, Massachusetts-based group Lost Film—aka Jimmy Hewitt—the new release Temporary is a new side of the indie-pop project. The four-song EP is stripped down and intentionally lo-fi, with Hewitt cooing into a microphone while casually strumming an electric guitar in what sounds like the inside of a closet. (A roomy closet, but still.) Today, we’re premiering the last track on Temporary, “Closer.” Hewitt explains:

“I wrote this song during the summer, and I remember I finished it within a couple hours which is really unusual for me. It usually takes me at least a couple months to finish a song completely. Some parts in the song to me sound totally unlike anything I’ve written before, especially the ending which I almost didn’t let myself use because of how similar I found it to the ‘Ghostbusters’ theme.”

Lost Film’s Temporary EP is available now for free download via the Native Sound.