PREMIERE: Hot Water Music’s Chris Wollard cranks it up with Ship Thieves’ “Born Into This”

Ship Thieves
photo: Jesse Scanlon

Chris Wollard is not only a familiar face but an extremely recognizable voice for thousands of punks worldwide: He has been co-vocalist of legendary Gainesville, Florida, post-hardcore unit Hot Water Music for the past 23 years, not to mention he was the frontman of the Draft, the band featuring three-fourths of Hot Water Music that existed for a brief period in the mid-2000s. Wollard has also dabbled in a solo career in recent years, forming Chris Wollard And The Ship Thieves and releasing two Americana-laced roots-rock LPs. Now, Chris Wollard And The Ship Thieves has morphed into just Ship Thieves, and it’s a solo project no longer—it’s a band, and a pretty killer one at that. Today, we’re debuting one of the best tracks off their third album, No Anchor, titled “Born Into This.” It’s a fast-paced melodic punk rager that fits comfortably in with Hot Water Music’s Epitaph-era albums as well as the Draft’s In A Million Pieces. Wollard comments:

“Well, we were wrapping up a lot of things on the album, and I was hanging out at the house working on a couple other guitar parts… and that song just kinda came out of nowhere. I didn’t really spend any time analyzing it… Just kinda let it happen. It was a good day.”

Ship Thieves’ No Anchor will be released January 29 via No Idea Records and can be pre-ordered here.