PREMIERE: Hear Hot Mulligan’s heartfelt acoustic cover of Jimmy Eat World’s “Big Casino”

Hot Mulligan
photo: Michael Herrick

Michigan upstarts Hot Mulligan play a strain of pop-punk that’s sincere and emotive while still upbeat enough to make you want to dance. But today, we’re bringing you something different: The band recently was inspired to lay down a heartfelt acoustic cover of Jimmy Eat World’s “Big Casino,” the lead track off of JEW’s 2007 album Chase This Light. Guitarist/vocalist Chris Freeman explains why they chose that song specifically, considering Jimmy Eat World’s catalog is loaded with incredible tracks:

“It’s exciting and simultaneously intimidating to record a song that someone else wrote, especially a band as iconic as Jimmy Eat World. While we can still really appreciate their early records, we’re all pretty young and don’t necessarily have that huge personal connection to ‘Static Prevails’ or ‘Clarity.’ ‘Big Casino’ gave us a cool opportunity to take one of their poppier songs, strip it down and do a really raw acoustic version that we’re all really stoked on.”

Hot Mulligan’s new EP, Honest & Cunning, is available now on Save Your Generation Records.

Hot Mulligan has a smattering of live dates booked across the Mitten State this winter:

1/22 Flint, MI @ Flint Local 432 w/ Everyone Leaves, The Tiny Ugly Germs, Backpacks
2/12 Detroit, MI @ Majestic Cafe w/Prima Vera, Woven Tangles, A Year in New York, The Native Age
2/21 Lansing, MI @ The Avenue Cafe w/The Cardboard Swords, Alaska, Moses
3/5 Pinckney, MI @ House Show w/Grey Matter, Nuclear Mom, Backpacks, Dingus