PREMIERE: Heartless Breakers wrestles with the confusion of aging in “Liquid Confidence” music video

Heartless Breakers

While Heartless Breakers hails from Salt Lake City, the band has a sound that is positively East Coast. It’s easy to identify the influence of ex-Daytrader guitarist Matt Mascarenas, but comparisons to Virginia’s Fairweather or New Jersey’s Thursday wouldn’t be out of question, either, not just because the music is visceral and passionate but the lyrics are loaded with intensely personal looks at individual struggles. Today, we’re premiering the Everett Fitch-directed music video for “Liquid Confidence.” Frontman Chase Griffis explains:

“This song is about the realization of overcoming obstacles. Many of us don’t get to experience the feeling often, because we’re too tied up in the current situation and/or heat of that moment. There will always be a cancer of people in your life, so let your mind provide you miracles by taking a few steps back and noticing the things you’ve accomplished—not dwell on the ones you haven’t. It’s too easy to get stuck with only one feeling. Beginnings start with you, not what you can’t do. Read the signs.”

Director Everett Fitch elaborates:

“Every generation struggles with uncertainty. You first start to truly realize the gravity of that in your late 20s. At this age you struggle in the impermanence of your youth and the perceived permanence of your impending adulthood. Life isn’t always what it seems though. Life is cyclical. It’s important to realize that. Otherwise you’ll go mad. I wanted to convey that in the music video as simply as possible.”

Heartless Breakers’ The Great Give Back is available now via Animal Style Records (vinyl/digital).