PREMIERE: Hear two brand new songs from Matt Pond’s new project, the Lowlifes

The Lowlifes

Singer/songwriter Matt Pond has been creating and releasing music under the Matt Pond PA moniker since 1998, releasing 11 full-lengths of delightful indie pop along the way. But recently, Pond became disillusioned with the music industry and considered getting out entirely (read our lengthy interview with him for more). Thankfully, it appears he’s at least temporarily reconsidered, as he has created a new project called the Lowlifes.

Pond is the driving force behind the Lowlifes, so expect the material to sound sonically similar to your favorite Matt Pond PA songs, but the way he’s choosing to deliver the music to his fans is unique: He has embraced Patreon, a place where fans can pledge a static amount to be donated monthly to a creator who in turn provides them with new art on a consistent basis. You can check out the Lowlifes’ Patreon page here.

Today, we’re thrilled to premiere two brand new songs from the Lowlifes, “Real Vs. Real” and “Do You Know?” both of which will be on the band’s new digital EP, I Love You, New York. Or: How I Learned To Stop Listening To The Empty Rhetoric Of Purposeless Politicians. That EP is available now.