PREMIERE: Dig bands like Transit and Fireworks? You’ll like Grayscale


Philadelphia quintet Grayscale might play pop-punk, but it’s rooted in tradition and emotion, not trend-chasing and neon. On their new album, What We’re Missing, the band displays a maturity belying their young age (frontman Collin Walsh just turned 22). Today, we’re debuting “August Love,” a powerful mid-tempo number about the struggle of understanding romance and heartbreak, and how they’re forever intertwined. Walsh explains:

“‘August Love’ is about a dream I had right after meeting someone very special. It’s crazy how your mind can wander; creating scenarios and fears that don’t even exist yet because of things that have happened in the past. This is kind of a depiction of what happened in the dream. The content of the song is supposed to reflect the pace and status of how the relationship started strong and ended bitter in my head.”

Grayscale’s What We’re Missing will be released February 12 via Anchor Eighty Four Records and can be pre-ordered here.