“Music means everything” — Lower Than Atlantis on influences, the U.S. vs. the U.K. and their best song

Lower Than Atlantis

Unless you are across the pond, you might have not heard about Lower Than Atlantis. After releasing their highly acclaimed self-titled album produced by Dan Lancaster (Bring Me The Horizon, 5 Seconds Of Summer) this past October,  the U.K. rockers made no plans to slow down. We caught up with bassist Dec Hart to discuss the band’s future.

I hear a ton of different influences in your music, but I’m curious to know what bands have shaped your sound?
Way too many to just say a few and we all have different favorites. So I’ll just tell you mine to make this easier: Foo Fighters, Deftones, Biffy Clyro, Incubus. Obviously they’re not the only bands I listen to but they played a massive role in influencing me when I was growing up.

When going into the studio for your fourth album, especially with having so much more control over the effort, what were you hoping to achieve? Was there a goal in mind?
I think the only goal was to make a record. We didn’t put any rules into place apart from all the songs had to be really good. All in all, the writing process to finished product took about one-and-a-half years but it was worth it in the end.

How was it like working with Dan Lancaster in the studio?
Amazing. He’s such a talented producer and I think we owe a lot of our successes to him. 

Do you find any differences between the U.K. rock scene vs. the U.S.?
I guess your country is way bigger therefore there are more bands. And that’s a good and bad thing, I think. The good part is you can constantly discover more live music but the downside is there is gonna be a lot more shit. 

I know you’ve guys have had a pretty stellar track record of tours and festivals played, so is there a show in particular that was your favorite to play? 
Last year we played Reading and Leeds Festival to a packed-out tent. That was definitely up there with the best shows we’ve played.

What is some great music your are listening to now that you’d like to share with Substream fans?
I’m really into a band from the U.K. called Drenge right now. That’s probably the most recent new album I have listened to. 

What does music mean to you?
Without music we wouldn’t have any of the cool things we have—in terms of all the material things like nice guitars and musical equipment, but also the mental aspect like all the memories and mates we’ve made along the way. So in answer to your question, music means everything. Ha!

What else is in store for Lower Than Atlantis?
We have a new single coming out. By the time you publish this interview it should be live! It’s called “Get Over It” and it’s probably the best Lower Than Atlantis song yet.