Put your Walkman away: Brand New’s leaked demos leaked (again)

Brand New

Last week, Brand New shocked a lot of people by announcing the official release of a batch of demos from 2006 that leaked onto the internet. Of course, they announced the release of said demos as a cassette tape—not exactly the most convenient format for people who live in modern society. [However, it is remarkably convenient for those of us who drive 15-year-old cars that still have tape decks in it. —ed.]

Thankfully, Jesse Lacey & Co. were kind enough to include download codes with each cassette, so of course, it didn’t take long for a Brand New fan to take it upon himself to upload them to SoundCloud YouTube. The songs themselves sound more or less the same, just mastered and better quality, although there is some debate as to whether or not the band edited the tracks to include different vocal takes. Listen below and join in the argument—it’s what the internet is for! And if you want to order a copy of Leaked Demos 2006 for yourself or someone you love who still relies on antiquated music delivery forms, you can do so here.