PREMIERE: Dig bands like Touche Amore and Pianos Become The Teeth? You’ll like Wearing Thin

Wearing Thin

Utah has always had a bit of an unusual music scene: It’s given us everything from Neon Trees to the Used, plus a terrifying amount of a cappella groups. (Seriously.) Salt Lake City quintet Wearing Thin doesn’t fit in with anything that came before them, which is what makes them so exciting: The four songs on their new EP, Fake Amends, channel the early work of screamo revivalists like Pianos Become The Teeth, Touche Amore and La Dispute but hint at an as-yet-untapped growth (similar to those aforementioned bands). The songs are passionate, guttural and downright cathartic, and they’re worth your time. Frontman Tylor Blackburn comments on the EP’s creation and inspiration:

“‘Fake Amends’ goes over the feelings you experience when going through some kind of split or breakup. At the time, it was largely based on previous bands we recently departed from. As the songs grew, they started to encompass more of our personal lives. The title is a play on words that comes from how people will build a facade with those they used to be close to in order to avoid being uncomfortable and expressing their true feelings.”

Wearing Thin’s Fake Amends EP will be released December 11 via Tragic Hero Records and can be pre-ordered here.