PREMIERE: Stream the debut EP from Recreational Drugs (members of Into It. Over It. and Their / They’re / There)

Recreational Drugs
photo: Mitchell Wojcik

We first brought you news of the formation of Recreational Drugs way back in August, and we’ve been eagerly anticipating whatever they were creating ever since then. The band, comprised of Their / They’re / There guitarist Matthew Frank (also of Lifted Bells) and Into It. Over It. drummer Joshua Sparks, formerly of Former Thieves, has completed their debut EP, a self-titled three-song effort that takes this writer back to the turn of the century when instrumental emo bands were all the rage and it was okay to express your feelings through guitar lines and not mopey lyrics. We’re thrilled to be providing an exclusive stream of Recreational Drugs and we hope you dig it as much as we do.

Recreational Drugs’ self-titled EP will be released December 18 via Count Your Lucky Stars Records and can be pre-ordered here.

Recreational Drugs currently has no gigs on the docket but expect more activity in 2016.