PREMIERE: Braidedveins’ “What Now?” video is an uncomfortable look at industry and commerce

Braidedveins is a bit of a Michigan punk all-star band—members of the Swellers, Kid Brother Collective and Empty Orchestra fill out the quintet’s lineup—but the music the band plays on their self-titled debut LP isn’t easily traceable to any of their other projects. This is aggressive, cagey, explosive post-punk that is designed to make you squirm in your seat and spin the hamster wheel in your brain. Today, we’re premiering their new music video for “What Now?” created entirely from stock footage yet the pointed choice of visuals reveals the deeper message of the song. Video artist Kriss Gaynes explains the concept behind the clip:

“We began with the song’s central concern: How do we imagine a future within an apocalyptic present? To bring this dilemma to life, we relied on close-up, claustrophobic stock footage of spaces where economic choices are made. These choices determine who and what gets destroyed and how such destruction is understood. The familiar signifiers—office equipment, surveillance cameras, guts, broken machines, handshakes, fire—all work together to form an impressionistic rendering of the larger, more diabolical mechanisms that act upon us today.”

Braidedveins’ self-titled debut album is available now.

Catch Braidedveins across Michigan in the coming months:

Dec 26th – Black Christmas in Detroit w/ Suicide Machines, Mustard Plug, The Black Dahlia Murder, etc.
Feb 21st- The Pyramid Scheme in Grand Rapids w/ Poison Idea, Child Bite
Feb 27th- Marble Bar in Detroit w/ Undesirable People, Destroy This Place