The Amity Affliction, Being As An Ocean, Defeater, Cruel Hand and more get Paris moshing

Being As An Ocean - © Edouard Camus

Although many musicians decided to cancel their Paris tour stops (or European tours entirely) following the city’s November 13 terrorist attack, the Impericon Never Say Die Tour kept their booking. The venue, Pigalle, located next door to the Moulin Rouge, was a bit on the empty side at the start of the show, mostly because the doors opened at 5 p.m., while they usually open around 7:30 p.m. Burning Down Alaska warmed up the first batch of fans with some good breakdowns, earning an immediate response from the crowd, even if the stage was super-high (the venue is also a club).

Next up were Fit For A King and Cruel Hand, and the venue filled with new faces, as people were starting to arrive, after class or work and went directly in the pit, moshing, two-stepping on the beat of the drums. The last band to play a 30-minute set was Being As An Ocean, show introduced by Hope For The Day, the suicide prevention organisation, present on the entire tour, spreading their line “It’s okay to not be okay.” BAAO was without a doubt the band people came to see, just after the headliners, and people were not disappointed when vocalist Joel Quartuccio directly went to the pit, sang, jumped, crowd surfed from a balcony, ran everywhere (losing some photographers on the way), and maintained a strong connection with the fans.

After the energy of BAAO, and a smoke/beer break, the Paris crowd came back in the pit for Defeater, but just a bit more tired. When the house lights turned off next, the Amity Affliction appeared onstage, with a French correspondent of Hope For The Day who read a speech written by vocalist Joel Birch about the events of November 13. He thanked Paris for coming that night and promised a big night full of hardcore, riffs and moshing. No one in the room was disappointed. Substream photographer Edouard Camus attended the show and brought back this exclusive gallery.