Dig out your Walkman: Brand New is releasing their 2006 demos on cassette

Brand New

Enigmatic rock troupe Brand New has had a surprisingly eventful year thus far. First, they dropped a brand new song. Then, they dropped another brand new song. Then, Jesse Lacey kinda-sorta said Brand New miiiiight be breaking up. And while that might be a scary prospect, at least you’ll have an officially released cassette tape of the band’s leaked demos from 2006. Seriously: The band just announced that the batch of demos most commonly referred to as Fight Off Your Demons is now available on cassette tape for the low, low price of $8 plus shipping. Each tape comes with a digital download, so now you can finally delete those lossy MP3s from your iTunes library. Check out the cover art and tracklisting below:

Brand New Leaked Demos 2006 tracklisting
1. Good Man
2. 1996
3. Brother’s Song
4. Missing You
5. Nobody Moves
6. Luca
7. Fork and Knife
8. Yeah (Sowing Season)
9. Battalions