Deez Nuts and Expire go hard in Paris

Deez Nuts

Finals week also means holidays, and winter holidays also means not a lot of shows, at least in Paris. On Thursday, December 17, this hardcore show was highly expected by many people. As an early show, due to a monthly rock party being held in the same venue, people started arriving after two or three of the five bands already played. However, every band was waited by everyone in the room, and started moving, moshing, jumping and two stepping. Coldburn and Expire made people ready to give it all for the headliners. Belgium band Nasty jumped onstage with heavy hearts, as their country had also been in the headlines following the attacks in Paris and arrests in Belgium, including shows being cancelled. They also stated the obvious first rule of hardcore music, music in general, and life: “There is no place for racism here. If you don’t get it, you’re clearly not at your place, and you should leave,” answered by cheers, applause and a “HELL YEAH!” Australian headliners Deez Nuts, playing their second show in Paris this year, played much off their new album Word Is Bond. Substream photographer Edouard Camus was right in the thick of things—here’s what he saw.