Yellowcard, New Found Glory and Tigers Jaw hype up Chicago

Yellowcard and New Found Glory stopped by Chicago’s Concord Music Hall for the only two-night stand on their co-headlining tour with support from Tigers Jaw. (We were present at the November 7 show.)

Tigers Jaw opened their short set with “I Saw Water” off their self-titled debut and afterward went into “Hum” off of 2014’s Charmer. They played a few songs off their self-titled LP like “The Sun” and “Chemicals,” and balanced it out with more songs off of Charmer like “Cool,” “Frame You” and the title track, which they closed with. Their set was relatively quick and people were nodding along while waiting for New Found Glory and Yellowcard.

New Found Glory came on next and within the first few seconds of the first song, “Understatement,” the floor was entirely filled. They played an energetic set from the get-go, never slowing down through the 19-song set. They played songs from earlier in their discography like “Hit Or Miss,” “All Downhill From Here,” “I Don’t Wanna Know,” “Failure’s Not Flattering” and many more—only four songs out of the whole set were off their newest release, 2014’s Resurrection. They closed out their set with “My Friends Over You” and a lot of confetti.

Yellowcard closed out the night, and their set began much like New Found Glory’s after the changeover. They opened with “Breathing” off of Ocean Avenue. They played “Way Away” next, with violinist Sean Mackin’s flawless backflip being the highlight of the song. They played a few songs off of 2014’s Lift A Sail like “Crash The Gates,” “Make Me So” and the title track. They ended their 15-song set with “Empty Apartment,” “Only One” and the fan favorite, “Ocean Avenue.”