Weezer’s new song “Do You Wanna Get High?” is a sticky sweet ‘Pinkerton’ throwback

photo: Sean Murphy

Okay, let’s recap, because Weezer has had a pretty busy few months. First, someone mashed up their instrumentals with Kanye West, creating the brilliant Yeezer project. Then, less than a year after the release of Everything Will Be Alright In The End, news leaked that the band was dropping a brand new single, “Thank God For Girls.” We first heard it via a live bootleg, then via a bizarre-as-hell lyric video. Then, just as everyone finished digesting that number, the band announced—surprise!—another brand new song, called “Do You Wanna Get High?” which debuted earlier today via Zane Lowe’s Beats Radio show. The song feels like it could’ve been unearthed from an old Pinkerton rehearsal tape, with an especially melancholy solo that mirrors that of “Pink Triangle.” You can hear it here or below (fast-forward to 1:02 on SoundCloud), as well as take in that trippy cover art.

In the interview alongside the single, Rivers Cuomo announces that the band is without a record contract currently, and is still working on their 10th album, so there is no release date in sight. But as long as they keep dropping fresh singles like this, they’re going to keep our attention.