We chat with Blessthefall’s Beau Bokan about “living vicariously” on new pop-punk song

A month ago, we posted a piece about which pop-punk band Beau Bokan of Blessthefall was working with. Long story short, we were wrong (we thought it was As It Is). However, the singer did reveal on his Snapchat who the band was and, after further investigation, it was discovered it was FigureItOut from Phoenix.

Now that the question of which pop-punk band Bokan was working with was answered, the next is when is the song going to be released? The answer is now. Below is the song “Nothing To Lose” from FigureItOut featuring Bokan that will be on the band’s EP Nothing To Lose, being released later this month.

Since the first two important questions are out of the way, the next is how did this all come about? How did Bokan meet them? Why do a song together? And why are they so good together? Bokan answered all these questions and more when we sat down with him in Erie, Pennsylvania, at Basement Transmissions during Blessthefall’s To Those Left Behind Tour.

How did you meet FigureItOut?
BEAU BOKAN: Mike Weakley, who kind of writes and does everything in the band, he’s best friends with [BTF guitarist] Eric [Lambert]. They grew up together. [He] just started the band like a year ago, or something like that. He’s always been into music, but he went to college and did the fraternity thing, but he’s always been into pop-punk. So he’s been sending us demos over the last year and we’re going, “Oh that’s cool, that’s cool,” and just recently they got really good. They sound fucking awesome. I went and saw them live and the dude can sing, [he] sounds just like the record. When I go to Arizona for practice, me and Michael go play basketball every day. We totally back them. I’m super stoked on how everything came out and he asked me to sing on the song I’m like, “Dude, Blink[-182] is my favorite band in the world. You guys sound like Blink. You’re my buddy, this is a no brainer.” I think they have huge potential and especially with the resurgent of the pop-punk movement, it was massive for a while then it just seems to be coming back with Neck Deep, the Story So Far and State Champs, it’s cool. I love it, I think it’s awesome. Eric and I have been talking about doing a pop-punk band for years. He and I love Blink-182, they’re our favorite band, and he and I are like, “Dude, we should just write pop-punk songs and put them out on the internet.” This is kind of me living vicariously through that. The song came out awesome.

How was the experience different to Blessthefall, since it’s completely different music?
For one, it’s high pitched. I had to sing pretty high for it. I’m like, “Whoa, you guys are pretty tuned up,” {Blessthefall] tunes way down. I grew up with bands like Blink, New Found Glory, Yellowcard and Home Grown, so it was cool, I get this. It’s awesome. I don’t know when the video’s going to come out, because we just went and played hockey and put GoPros on our sticks and filmed with iPhones and shit, so it’s going to be very DIY, but it was fun though. We went out and goofed around, can’t be mad at that.

Why do a song with them?
They’re close friends of ours and I totally back them. If I didn’t think they didn’t have potential to do something, I would’ve been like, “Oh cool man. Keep trying.” They sound awesome live. They’re actually going to open a couple shows for us. We got them opening up the home show in Phoenix, ’cause they’re all from Phoenix, and then in Anaheim [California] at the House Of Blues. I’m stoked to see how people kind of receive [them] in our scene. It’s going to be kind of cool to see the reactions. They’ve only played, like, five shows or something—and they weren’t even real shows. It was like at like bars and stuff [for] a college kind of crowd. This is more of you’re getting into the real shows, where kids actually really care. I’m stoked to see how they do.

FigureItOut will be playing with Blessthefall, Stick To Your Guns, Emarosa and Oceans Ate Alaska on November 18 at The Nile Theatre in Mesa, Arizona, and November 22 at the House Of Blues Anaheim in Anaheim, California.