Watch Modern Baseball and the Menzingers cover the Killers

Modern Baseball
photo: Jessica Flynn

Even though the Fest 14 was more than a week ago, it seems like folks are just now starting to recover. (Hell, I only went to Pre-Fest 3, and I’m still under the weather). But a great way to reminisce about a weekend you probably half-forgot thanks to that 17th PBR tallboy is to let YouTube do the remembering for you. Thus, we bring you Modern Baseball’s Halloween set at the Fest 14 where they covered nothing but the Killers. Better yet, they brought out some special guests in Tom May and Greg Barnett of the Menzingers to perform “Smile Like You Mean It” as well as Bob Barnett of Captain, We’re Sinking to deliver an awesome rendition of “All These Things That I’ve Done.” Check out the full setlist below as well as video of the complete set. (If you wanna see the Menzies/MoBo collaboration, jump to 8:30.)

Modern Baseball as the Killers @ The Fest 14, 10/31/15 setlist
When You Were Young
Read My Mind
Smile Like You Mean It (featuring Tom May & Greg Barnett of The Menzingers)
Mr. Brightside
All These Things That I’ve Done (featuring Bob Barnett of Captain We’re Sinking)