Watch members of the Hotelier, TWIABP, Braid and more pull off the most epic onstage trolling ever

Okay, this will be our last Fest 14-related post, we promise (maybe): So on the final day of the Fest 14, November 1, there was a special slot on the schedule labeled “Christian from the Hotelier supergroup” slated to close out the night at High Dive. No one knew exactly what to expect, except that Christian Holden, vocalist/bassist of the Hotelier, would be there—though rumors were buzzing all weekend as to who was in the band and what they might be performing.

Finally, it was time for the big reveal: Holden had formed the superest supergroup we’ve ever seen, including Jeff Rosenstock, Braid’s Bob Nanna, members of the World Is A Beautiful Place And I Am No Longer Afraid To Die, Spraynard, Pet Symmetry, Football Etc., High Dive (the band, not the venue) and potentially even more folks we can’t easily identify. The supergroup’s name? The Bottles. The supergroup’s set? Well, except for some brief snippets of Saves The Day, Blink-182 and Sum 41 songs, they just played “99 Bottles Of Beer” in its entirety. And because it’s 2015, of course the entire set was recorded for posterity.

Watch below, if you dare, but be warned: It’s kind of like Sideshow Bob and the rake. He walks into it once, it’s funny. Twice, still funny. A bunch more times? It loses its funniness. A bunch more times after that? It somehow becomes funnier than it was to begin with. So if you press “play,” make sure the next 20 minutes of your life is available to waste:

This actually isn’t the first onstage trolling the Hotelier has executed—earlier this year, they pranked La Dispute on April Fool’s Day.