Watch Braid’s Bob Nanna cover Jets To Brazil

With so many people rightfully freaking out about Blake Schwarzenbach casually dropping some Jawbreaker and Jets To Brazil classics into his recent solo gigs, we thought it was only right to shine a light on one of the best cover sets from the Fest 14 the other weekend. The City On Film—aka the full-band solo project of Braid’s Bob Nanna—took on the task of covering Jets To Brazil for a full set on Halloween, and judging by the videos that have popped up, Nanna & Co. did one hell of a job staying faithful to Schwarzenbach & Co.’s incredible tunes. Check out the full setlist below alongside clips of the City On Film playing “You’re The One I Want” and “Chinatown”:

The City On Film as Jets To Brazil @ The Fest 14, 10/31/15 setlist
You’re Having The Time Of My Life (from Four Cornered Night)
You’re The One I Want (from Perfecting Loneliness)
Air Traffic Control (from Four Cornered Night)
Chinatown (from Orange Rhyming Dictionary)
Lemon Yellow Black (from Orange Rhyming Dictionary)
Sweet Avenue (from Orange Rhyming Dictionary)

The City On Film’s new album, La Vella, is out now on Topshelf Records.