Watch Blake Schwarzenbach play Jawbreaker classics solo

photo: Trevor Kelley

UPDATE: Blake Schwarzenbach also played a house show in Fullerton, California, on November 7—you can find video of that performance below.

ORIGINAL STORY: While thousands of us (im)patiently wait for a Jawbreaker reunion that may never come, we can at least rejoice in reclusive frontman Blake Schwarzenbach’s recent willingness to embrace elements of his extensive back catalog at his occasional solo shows. To whit: Last night, he played to a sold-out crowd at Characters in Pomona, California, with the show having only been announced four days prior, and not only did he play a whopping five Jets To Brazil songs, he also played two Jawbreaker classics from 1995’s Dear You, including “Save Your Generation”—a song Schwarzenbach hasn’t played live more than a handful of times in nearly 20 years.

The setlist touched on all corners of Schwarzenbach’s career, from Jawbreaker (“Save Your Generation,” “Chemistry”) to Jets To Brazil (“Air Traffic Control,” “Wish List,” “********,” “Sweet Avenue,” “Sea Anemone”) to his short-lived trio the Thorns Of Life (“My First Time”) to his most recent project, Forgetters (“Turn Away,” “Oh Deadly Death”). (He even covered Fear’s “Foreign Policy.”) You can find a smattering of videos as well as the full setlist below:

Blake Schwarzenbach @ Characters Pomona 11/6/15 setlist
Save Your Generation (from Jawbreaker’s Dear You)
Foreign Policy (Fear cover)
Air Traffic Control (from Jets To Brazil’s Four Cornered Night)
Turn Away (from Forgetters’ Forgetters)
Oh Deadly Death (from Forgetters)
My First Time (from the Thorns Of Life)
Wish List (from Jets To Brazil’s Perfecting Loneliness)
******** (from Four Cornered Night)
Sweet Avenue (from Jets To Brazil’s Orange Rhyming Dictionary)
Sea Anemone (from Orange Rhyming Dictionary)
Chemistry (from Dear You)

UPDATE: It turns out this wasn’t Blake Schwarzenbach’s only show in southern California—he also played a house show in Fullerton, California, on November 7. The majority of that show was caught on film and can be watched below, including performances of Jawbreaker’s “Save Your Generation” and “Chemistry” and Jets To Brazil’s “Sea Anemone” and “Wish List.”