The Story So Far and their fans clash with Nashville venue

Before the Story So Far took the stage at Rocketown in Nashville on November 14, the night started with a warning from the venue staff: “If you crowd surf you will be kicked out faster than a fat kid in dodgeball!” As I looked around the room, I watched scowls creep onto the faces of a restless crowd. If there is one thing the Story So Far is known for, it’s their loyal and energetic fans. When you put restrictions on a mass group of 15-to-25-year-olds at a pop-punk show, you are going to experience rebellion.

The band opened with their hard-hitting song “Nerve” which immediately ignited the audience and set the pace for the night. Although the band wasn’t as energetic onstage as they usually are, with frontman Parker Cannon appearing to have a cold, the crowd easily made up for it. When Cannon would jump, the entire mass of people jumped as if they were one body. When he sang, they sang with such passion and intensity that at one point he took a moment to compliment how loud and awesome everyone was. “Wow, we might as well be at home right now! This is sick!”

By the time “Heavy Gloom” started playing, Cannon was urging the crowd to start circle pits and go crazy, despite the venue’s very strict rules. Mid-set a crew member came onstage to pull raffle tickets for a charity and took the opportunity to put his two cents in about the venue’s warnings. “You are doing nothing wrong by having a fun time. I say that if you aren’t hurting yourself or anyone around you, then do whatever the fuck you want!”

And with that motivation to fuel the crowd, Cannon topped it off with his own advice, “I’m not saying do something…but I’m not saying don’t.” It wasn’t long until I looked out at the sea of people to see legs with Vans and Converse in the air making their way to the stage atop the throng of fans. Songs like “Quicksand” and “Roam” caused the crowd to erupt with energy and spurred their urge to give in to the music without holding back. That’s when Rocketown held true to their word and began to kick the rebellious surfers out. At the end of their set, the band decided to play one more song as a treat. “I’m sorry this place fucking sucks,” said Cannon just before going into their last song, “Empty Space.” I think it’s safe to say that everyone was a little bitter that night, but nonetheless managed to make the best of it.