So two guys from Defeater made a ska song about LEGO and it rules

Andy Reitz and Jay Maas

Okay, so it’s no Marilyn Manson set to ska but it’s still pretty rad: Jay Maas, the in-demand producer who very recently departed Massachusetts hardcore band Defeater, was commissioned by the folks at LEGO to record a song for their online community, LEGO Club. The only problem? They asked for a ska song. Undeterred, Maas recruited original Defeater drummer Andy Reitz (who left the band in 2012) as well as Big D And The Kids Table mouthpiece Dave McWane to create something original, and the result is “Can’t Stop Building,” a two-minute ska-punk banger that you could’ve easily heard on the second stage at Warped Tour in the ’90s. In other words, it’s totally killer, and your day will be infinitely better after watching. Enjoy!