Come Wind sets the bar high with indie-folk debut ‘Move In Place’

Come Wind - Move in Places

Canton, Ohio, band Come Wind has paired amped up indie rock with the subtlety of melodic folk vocals. Their debut full-length, Move In Place, harbors equal parts of indie and folk similar to Band Of Horses or Bombay Bicycle Club. Starting the record off with a slow intro leading into more instrumental-oriented songs, lead singer Aaron Troyer holds his voice as the key element bringing in the music and lyrics together with enough momentum to leave you wanting more.

“Clarity” shines through as the first song on the record with clean breaks, interesting bridges and melody as well as bright guitar tones that push away from the cut-and-dry indie rock mainstream. The mellow track “Mutiny” tells a story about a man on a ship with his crew who turn their swords on each other, and in the end, all he has is the ocean. Unlike the two-part title track (which opens and closes the album), “Mutiny” builds into a powerhouse towards the middle while winding down near the end, much like a wave. It leads into “Winter,” a fast-paced track with crisp melody and tone as well as smooth vocals.

Move In Place is diverse, too: The record’s electronically centered send-off, “Bouquet,” is a soft, folksy love song, whereas “Found” is an indie ballad similar to something you’d find on your alternative radio station. Soft yet building, harmonious and smooth, Move In Place is a record worth giving a shot for anyone into folk, indie or alternative.