PREMIERE: Dig bands like You Blew It! and Look Mexico? You’ll love Secret Stuff

Secret Stuff

Nashville is thought of by many as the country music capital of the world, but there’s more to the city than godawful butt-rockers wearing cowboy hats. Take Secret Stuff: This Nashville trio plays passionate, emotional indie rock that’s rough around the edges but sweet in the middle on their new EP, This Is Fine, produced by Jon Hicks (who has engineering credits with groups as diverse as Relient K and Dance Gavin Dance). It calls to mind bands like You Blew It!, Look Mexico and even their Nashville scenemates Free Throw. Today, we’re premiering their new song “I Knew You So Briefly, You Dead Soap Dog.” Frontman Michael Pfohl explains:

“This has been the busiest year of our lives—between graduating college, being on the road for 110 days and recording this new record, exhaustion was something we dealt with on a regular basis. This song is basically just about the ways that we coped with it, by keeping our eyes forward and trying to think about what was to come. I wrote the riff for this song probably about a year and a half ago and it came together very slowly due to everyone being so preoccupied with other aspects of our lives. So when we finally got to the studio we put all the individual pieces that we had thought of for the opening of the record together and this was the result.”

Secret Stuff’s This Is Fine EP will be released in January 2016 by Spartan Records and can be pre-ordered here.