PREMIERE: Rival Tides’ “Mission:Control” is crunchy, soaring and a little bit spacey

Los Angeles rockers Rival Tides came out of the gates swinging, releasing their self-titled debut EP less than a year after their November 2012 formation. That EP has kept the quintet more than busy, as the band has been gigging all over California (including Warped Tour) and getting noticed by bigger bands, opening for everyone from Our Last Night to He Is Legend. (Rival Tides vocalist Robyn August even contributed guest vocals to Hands Like Houses’ Reimagine EP). Now, the band has finally had a moment to create a music video for one of that EP’s best songs, “Mission:Control.” They explain:

“‘Mission:Control’ is about discovering who you are and not letting any outside forces tell you who you’re supposed to be. There are so many negative and controlling voices out there. Find your own and make it become the loudest. We opted to make the video for ‘Mission:Control’ without any fancy gimmicks and instead let it focus on who we are—five friends who live to play music.”

Rival Tides’ self-titled EP is available now via iTunes.