PREMIERE: Nights’ stop-motion animation “Lullaby” video is downright dreamy


Cleveland band Nights is difficult to define. Songs on the trio’s new album, Whisper, range from two-minute indie-pop numbers to 13-minute power-shoegaze tracks. Clearly, Nights can’t be pigeonholed into one genre or scene. Today, we’re premiering the music video for their new single “Lullaby,” which is that aforementioned two-minute indie-pop number; the song is light and airy, and the music video is an incredible exercise in stop-motion animation created by none other than Nights frontwoman Jenna Fournier. Fournier explains:

“‘Lullaby’ is about someone close to me who became famous and changed. I wanted to return to a place before that time. It’s like I was sucked into a dream. The video shows that music is a method to fight demons. It’s a way to deal with all your problems.”

Nights’ Whisper is available now via Tragic Hero Records.