PREMIERE: Hear Riverboat Gamblers’ killer cover of the Soft Boys’ “I Wanna Destroy You”

photo: Marcus Laws

No bullshit: Texan quintet Riverboat Gamblers is one of the best live bands in not just punk rock, but rock ’n’ roll period. But unlike some bands with crazy live shows, the Gamblers deliver solid albums too, meaning you won’t be disappointed when you drop the needle on their latest music. The band is in the midst of rolling out a singles series on End Sounds, with their newest installment, Time To Let Her Go, featuring a killer cover of the Soft Boys’ “I Wanna Destroy You” [which I first heard when the Circle Jerks and Debbie Gibson covered itshinfo ed.] on the B-side. Riverboat Gamblers frontman Mike Wiebe explains why the band chose this song to cover:

“At first we thought no one would buy us doing a Soft Boys cover because we are so hard. People would be like, ‘Riverboat Gamblers ain’t soft! They as hard as nails!’ The thing is though, behind our brooding masculinity we have a sensitive side. Because of that we found the prettiest song that features a lyric about destroying things. Seriously though, it’s yet another song written a long time ago that has lyrics that seem even more relevant now they they maybe did back then. It feels right to play it.”

Riverboat Gamblers’ Time To Let Her Go EP will be released on November 13 by End Sounds and can be pre-ordered on vinyl and cassette.

If you wanna see Riverboat Gamblers before 2016, it looks like you better book a flight to Texas, because that’s where they’ll be:

Nov 13 Three Links Dallas, TX
Nov 14 The Bomb Factory Dallas, TX
Dec 11 House of Rock Corpus Christi, TX
Dec 12 Fitzgeralds Houston, TX