PREMIERE: Hear a previously unreleased Open Hand jam featuring Saosin’s Alex Rodriguez on drums

If you’ve kicked around this scene enough, you may recognize the band name Open Hand—the band, led by Justin Isham, put out a handful of records on Trustkill Records in the early-to-mid-2000s, though they certainly didn’t fit in that label’s metalcore mold. Open Hand’s sound started off as riffy and technical post-hardcore before morphing into a jammier, Queens Of The Stone Age-esque outfit on 2005’s You And Me. One of their biggest claims to fame is that Saosin drummer Alex Rodriguez got his start in Open Hand, playing on their first releases and touring with the band. It’s with that nugget of info that we bring you news of the band reissuing their out-of-print short-run release Live At CBGBs, recorded June 27, 2002. The six-song live EP includes two previously unreleased Open Hand tracks including “Until I See Again,” which is knotty Southern California post-hardcore that finds Rodriguez punishing the kit like only he can do. (This lineup also featured Sean Rosenthal, formerly of Adamantium and Farside.) If you dig early Saosin, you’ll definitely dig this. Isham explains:

“I always thought ‘Until I See Again’ was a really cool song/idea that never got recorded. And then—musicians will understand this—it got lost through time. I’m glad it was recorded for posterity at CBGBs.”

Open Hand’s Live At CBGBs will be released on November 13 via Blacktop Records and can be pre-ordered here. Open Hand is hard at work at a new studio album titled Weirdo which will be released in 2016.