PREMIERE: Havenfield’s “Tangle” is a must-hear for fans of Citizen and Title Fight


We sure had some dark years there, huh? All sorts of bands with tragic haircuts and unmemorable songs dominated the scene for far too long, but lately, there’s been a huge pushback in terms of honest, creative rock music focused far more on artistry than image. (We’re not saying it’s bad to care about your image, but if you spend more time each week styling your hair than practicing your instrument, you need to reprioritize your life.) With that said, meet Havenfield: The alt-rock quintet from Purchase, New York, could fit comfortably on your Spotify playlist between Balance And Composure, Citizen and Title Fight, and their new song “Tangle,” produced by I Am The Avalanche’s Brett Romnes is sure to stick in your head. Today we’re debuting the music video for “Tangle,” directed by Tristen Stafford. Havenfield vocalist/guitarist Tony Pitkin explains:

“‘Tangle’ was the first time working in a professional studio and with Brett Romnes. It was a totally different experience working with another creative mind opposed to our self-produced past work. The song really came to life and reflected the themes of self hatred and self loathing. The video further conceptualized that idea and gave the song a fully realized vision.”

Havenfield’s “Tangle” is available for free download here.