PREMIERE: Davis’ “Two Cents” is hard-hitting hip-pop that’ll make you bounce

You likely haven’t heard of Davis Fetter—heretofore referred to as simply Davis—and that’s okay. He’s not a pop-star-in-training that has his songs written for him, nor is he an ex-member of a popular band you already own a few records by (though he likely knows more than a few folks in both of those camps). His sound on his new track, “Two Cents,” is a mixture of early MGMT’s funkiness and Beastie Boys’ hip-hop groove with clever wordplay ala vintage Beck and a guitar lead that sounds borrowed from Weezer’s “Beverly Hills.” So yeah, it’s kind of a kitchen sink thing, but in the best possible way. Plus, the music video for “Two Cents,” directed by Haley Reed, is a total blast of sensory-overload signifiers, from fireworks and instrument smashing all sorts of easter eggs that will make you think your smartphone is malfunctioning as you’re watching it. Davis comments:

“‘Two Cents’ is about being frustrated with other people’s opinions of you. When I wrote the song I felt like everyone around me was forcing their opinions on me, making me doubt who I am as an artist. I felt like I was getting trolled for being myself.”

Expect to hear more from Davis soon. In the meantime, visit his website for more information.