PHOTOS: Beartooth smashes Paris

© Edouard Camus

In order to start November in a good way, French promoters Alternative Live created the perfect event, bringing Beartooth to the small venue of Paris, the Backstage By The Mill, which ended up nearly sold out. The night started with two French bands. The first was From A Broken Stereo, who mixed heavy breakdowns with strong connection with the audience. However, the last song had a bit of pop in it, making the audience wondering where did that come from. They were followed by Our Theory, a local band opening for many hardcore shows in Paris, still promoting their new lineup. (Their clean vocalist recently left the band, leaving all the screaming and most of the clean vocals to the new singer and backing vocals to the guitarist.) The band used this show to promote their new songs. As soon as Beartooth came onstage, the pit, already big from the beginning of the night, opened even more—there massive moshing, massive crowd surfing and massive stage dives (including a very good one that failed). Frontman Caleb Shomo’s energy never stopped during the 40-minute show, way too short for most of the audience, as Beartooth played only seven songs without an encore. There was even a surprise appearance of Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! guitarist Paul Wilson who played “Dead” with the band, wearing some of his clothing brand Offend. Substream photographer Edouard Camus was present this night, check out his exclusive gallery: