Parkway Drive and Miss May I smash Chicago

Parkway Drive

The Ire Tour stopped in Chicago on November 9 with a lineup consisting of In Hearts Wake, Thy Art Is Murder, Miss May I and headliner Parkway Drive. Parkway Drive hasn’t done a headlining tour across the US in a while, so this show was highly anticipated for the metalcore band’s fans.

In Hearts Wake and Thy Art Is Murder opened up the show and set the stage for what was to come. While they certainly sounded a bit different, the response from the crowd was welcoming. Everyone seemed to be having a good time watching them perform, but there was definitely a lack of energy. That changed with the next band.

Miss May I took the stage after, and the atmosphere of the room changed. The crowd wasn’t just enjoying listening and watching at this point. The energy in the room was evident; people were moshing and crowdsurfing way more than they had for the two openers. The dynamic between frontman Levi Benton and the crowd was fascinating to watch unfold. At the end of their hour-long set, they thanked the room for watching them, which was met with applause and cheers.

Parkway Drive took the stage at last, and the crowd erupted in excitement, which was by far the best response to a band that night—and they hadn’t even started. As soon as the drums and guitars picked up for their opening song “Destroyer” off of their newest release, Ire, crowd surfers started pouring over the barricade. There were so many that for the three songs photographers are allowed to spend in the photo pit, we maybe had two or the beginning of three until there were so many people coming over the barricade that it was dangerous to have so many people in there. The energy that Parkway Drive brought out onstage and in the audience was incredible. They played a few more songs off of Ire, and other albums like Atlas, Deep Blue, and Horizons. They played a 13-song set, and for the entirety of it kept the energy going throughout the room, never slowing down for a second.