Marianas Trench sells out Cleveland

Canada’s Marianas Trench’s Hey You Guys!! Tour with melodic rockers Secret Someones swept away Cleveland on November 20. The sold-out crowd at the House Of Blues experienced an amazing night with the two bands.

Secret Someones began an hour after doors open and walked out to a crowd that was getting antsy, four-piece band—three girls and one guy—performed nine songs that ranged from dancy to acoustic. All members of the band played an instrument and sang, which made them the perfect fit to open for Marianas Trench (since they all play instruments and sing as well). When Secret Someones played two acoustic songs, their drummer came out from behind the set and played the maraca. Even though there was hardly any mention of the opener when the tour was announced, Secret Someones was the best way to get the crowd warmed up for Marianas Trench.

The headliner took awhile to get on the stage. Marianas Trench played 14 songs in their original set that contained a mixture of new ones from Astoria and others from Ever After and Masterpiece Theater. Frontman Josh Ramsay walked out with a crop top on, which he removed during the set and Ian Casselman had a massive drumset to man. Not only was the performance by the musicians outstanding, but the light show was intense and the constantly changing backdrop added another element to the story Marianas Trench told. Right in the middle of the band’s set, they played “One Love.” Marianas Trench tried to surprise the audience by showing photos of fans on the backdrop, but fans had the upper hand and put up paper hearts that said, “You’re our one love.” Everyone onstage was legitimately surprised and honored by how much love the sold-out crowd had for them. Before the quartet could escape the crowd, the audience demanded more. Ramsay reappeared onstage and began telling a story then went into a short cover of “Take On Me” by a-ha to continue the ’80s theme of the night and transitioned into a solo performance of “Good To You.” The rest of Marianas Trench came out to play “Haven’t Had Enough” and “End Of An Era.”

Even though the show was fantastic, there was something that was less than favorable. The prices at the merch tables were ridiculous. While $60 for a hoodie and $15 for a CD is on the high side, but not that surprising, $35 for a T-shirt with the band’s name a small graphic is outrageous. Just when shirt prices were getting up to the $25 mark, selling your shirts for $35 when there are homemade ones that are way better is ridiculous. That’s more than Hot Topic’s prices. I could justify the prices if they were from the other side of the world and needed the money for plane tickets, but not when they live in North America. $35 is unnecessary for a shirt.