Circa Survive celebrates 10 years of ‘Juturna’ in Chicago with Rx Bandits and Citizen

Circa Survive rolled through Chicago on November 1 for the 10-year anniversary tour for Juturna with Citizen and Rx Bandits as support.

Citizen opened with “Cement” off their latest release, Everybody Is Going To Heaven. They played a mix of songs off of EIGTH and their previous release, Youth, which people were much more familiar with. It was evident that only a few people really knew of them, but they were a great opener nonetheless.

Rx Bandits was up next. I’ve heard of this band before, but had never really made an effort to listen to them, so I wasn’t really sure what to expect between Citizen and Circa Survive. They haven’t really been pushed into a box genre-wise, so there was a nice blend of different styles in their music, which was really refreshing and interesting to listen to. Anthony Green came onstage to join them briefly for a song as well.

Circa Survive came on to a blue, dimly lit stage, and Anthony Green ran out to immediately sing into the crowd. I’ve seen Circa Survive twice before this show, and I’ve noticed that he really loves interacting with people in the crowd. As this tour was celebrating Juturna‘s 10th anniversary, the band played the album front to back. This band’s stage presence is so energetic, and their lighting setup, with strobing blues and reds, works well with that. They closed out with two songs off of 2005’s The Inuit Sessions, and a hidden track from Juturna titled “House Of Leaves.” Circa Survive is always so much fun to see, and seeing Juturna played in full was incredible. It’s a plus that the band just loves what they do, and that they make it so evident on stage.