Blessthefall’s Beau Bokan’s pop-punk debut video is here

Last week, we posted about Blessthefall’s frontman Beau Bokan collaborating with an Arizona pop-punk band FigureItOut. Today, the pop-punk band released the music video for “Nothing To Lose” featuring Bokan and Blessthefall’s guitarist Eric Lambert.

“Nothing To Lose” shows five guys goofing around and playing hockey in some throwback jerseys. Between throwing equipment around, tripping one another and tying the goalie to the net, this music video looks like it was more fun than work.

Bokan told Substream that he didn’t know how the video would turn out because the guys “went and played hockey and put GoPros on our sticks and filmed with iPhones and shit, so it’s going to be very DIY, but it was fun though. We went out and goofed around, can’t be mad at that.”

We’d say the video looks fantastic and like a lot of fun. Watch the hockey filled, pop-punk, sadly lacking pizza below: