Blessthefall, Stick To Your Guns, Emarosa and more go hard in Erie

Blessthefall’s To Those Left Behind tour with Stick To Your Guns, Emarosa, Oceans Ate Alaska and Cane Hill swung through Erie, Pennsylvania at Basement Transmissions on November 1. The small city of Erie presnted a crowd of a couple hundred for the national tour.

The first band of the night was New Orleans’ Cane Hill. They kept the Halloween vibe of the weekend going by having a creepy intro. The band warmed up the crowd for the rest of the touring bands during their six-song set.

The crowd definitely loosened up more for the U.K.’s Oceans Ate Alaska, who was up next. This was the second time the metalcore band has been in Erie this year, first showing up in August on their tour with Northlane and Like Moths To Flames, and it was obvious the crowd remembered them. Toward the end of Oceans Ate Alaska’s seven-song set, one of their guitarists went into the opening in the crowd made for the pit.

Emarosa was next on the bill. The Lexington, Kentucky, band’s frontman Bradley Scott Walden appeared to have the most fun during the seven-song set. Walden climbed on a speaker and jumped off of it during “Mad” and even got on a fan’s shoulders and went through the crowd towards the end of Emarosa’s set.

Just before the headliner was hardcore quintet Stick To Your Guns. The audience was really into the Orange County band and were fighting to get to the microphone that it appeared that people were flying through the air, over to get to it. Throughout their set, Stick To Your Guns’ frontman Jesse Barnett gave speeches about how the audience should stand by their beliefs and not care what others think. It was beautiful to see how Barnett’s words touched the young teenagers in the room.

The final band of the night was Fearless Records artist Blessthefall. The five-piece outfit played 12 songs in their main set which consisted of new songs from the band’s latest release To Those Left Behind and older songs from the band’s 2009 full-length Witness. The crowd never faltered with their sing-alongs. Blessthefall not only provided a fantastic rock show, but a light show. Their light setup was intense and brought their performance to another level. The only problem with it was the fact that no one could see the band’s drummer Matt Traynor. When the band ended their set, the crowd barely let them off the stage before demanding one more song. Blessthefall’s encore song was “You Wear A Crown But You’re No King.” (However, on the band’s setlist their encore song was supposed to be “Hey Baby, Here’s That Song You Want.”)