Anti-Flag release live acoustic album

Anti-Flag released a nine-song digital acoustic album today, uploading the album to iTunes and Spotify. The band recorded at 11th Street Records in Las Vegas for a set that was part of the annual Punk Rock Bowling festival back in May. The track list for Live Acoustic at 11th Street Records is heavily comprised of the band’s most recent studio full-length, American Spring. View it below.

“I felt immense struggle for personal self-worth and self identity writing these songs,” said bassist Chris No. 2 of American Spring. The 11th Street Records set was also the band’s premiere of those songs, and Chris added that it was important for him to promote an independent record store.

“To partner with this shop in Las Vegas and have attendees of Punk Rock Bowling from all over the globe made this one of the coolest and powerful moments in our band’s life,” said Chris. “This collection of songs is a document of that moment.”

Anti-Flag Live at 11th Street Records

  1. “Fabled World”
  2. “This Is the End”
  3. “Broken Bones”
  4. “Brandenburg Gate”
  5. “1915”
  6. “One Trillion Dollars”
  7. “Without End”
  8. “Turncoat”
  9. “Die for the Government”