What pop-punk band is Beau Bokan working with?

If you follow Blessthefall’s frontman, Beau Bokan, on Snapchat (@itsbeaubokan if you’re curious), you’ll see pictures and video of his and his wife, fellow musician Lights; their new daughter, Rocket; plenty of food; and various other shenanigans. But then earlier this week, the singer posted a teaser video of him singing on an unidentified pop-punk song:

beau bokan snapchat

So now the question is: What band is it?

My first instinct is to say it’s PVRIS because Blessthefall and PVRIS spent all of Warped Tour together (even forming a bike gang), but they’re not a pop-punk band, so I’m back to square one. (On a side note: How awesome would a PVRIS and Blessthefall collaboration be?)

Maybe it could be New Found Glory, since Bokan was hanging out with Chad Gilbert this summer. Maybe it’s a song for Gilbert’s side project What’s Eating Gilbert? I looked for any clues and I found the same two pictures of Bokan on Gilbert’s Instagram.

Of course, it could be As It Is, who are labelmates with Blessthefall and were on Warped with them this summer as well. The teaser clip kind of reminded me of As It Is, so I feel there is a high chance Bokan sang alongside Patty Walters. Walters also has been supportive of Blessthefall’s new album and Bokan and Walters have mutual friends, like PVRIS.

It could also be Real Friends, who are also Bokan’s labelmates. Although I’m unsure of the likelihood of Bokan singing on one of their tracks, since they weren’t on Warped this summer unlike As It Is.

My conclusion: I’m saying Bokan is singing on an As It Is track. (Maybe.)