Watch WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins sing Bring Me The Horizon’s “Throne”

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Oh, Seth Rollins—we’ve seen you rock Glamour Kills threads, you named Hit The Lights one of your all-time favorite bands, and you frequently tweet about rad groups like the Wonder Years and Modern Life Is War. What’s left for you to do to win our Warped Tour-attending hearts? Apparently this: The current WWE World Heavyweight Champion tried his hand at Rock Band 4, picking up the mic for a runthrough of Bring Me The Horizon’s “Throne”—coincidentally, the theme song for tomorrow night’s NXT special Takeover: Respect (side note: LET’S GO BAY-LEY clap-clap clapclapclap). You can check out two clips of Seth Rollins doing his best Oli Sykes impression below—though if we were Mr. Sykes, we wouldn’t exactly be worried about being, er, dethroned from his position atop the mountain that is Bring Me The Horizon. It seems that for all the myriad talents Seth Rollins has, singing might not be one of them. Still, this is pretty flippin’ rad, and we’ll welcome the champ into our living room any time for some Rock Band 4 jam sessions.