Take 5: We pick Patty Walters of As It Is’ five best YouTube covers

Patty Walters is the frontman of the pop-punk band As It Is. The band has made their mark on the music scene since their formation three years ago, going on tours with Mayday Parade, Real Friends, Confidence and We Are The Champions as well as touring internationally in Australia and Japan plus spending all summer on Warped Tour 2015.

Before Walters started traveling the world with As It Is, he posted covers on YouTube. He started posting covers six years ago singing songs by My Chemical Romance, off The Lion King and Owl City, but has slowed down since touring. His last video was posted over a year ago. Walters’ music channel has almost half a million subscribers and over 27 million views. Walters would play all the instruments on the track and record background vocals. Since he’s another musician who got his start on YouTube, we did a top five of his cover videos.

5. “Winter” by Joshua Radin

This Walters’ first cover video on his channel. It has just over 25,000 views but shows how far Walters has come in making his cover videos. There was actually some technical difficulties in the recording of video because the microphone was switched off.

4. “She Looks So Perfect” by 5 Seconds Of Summer

This is the last cover Walters posted. It has over a million views. The contrast between “Winter” and this video is outstanding. He went from recording on a laptop to having it filmed by fellow YouTuber, Luke Cutforth. The cover features Walters playing the drums, guitar and bass while also singing in front of the camera.

3. “This Is Gospel” by Panic! At The Disco

Walters has over 50 percent of his videos recorded like this: him singing in front of a camera with his laptop playing the track behind him. He recorded the instruments himself and the background vocals, then he sings the main vocals for the video. I felt one of these videos shot like this needed to be included, considering most of his videos were shot like this.

2. “Let It Go” from Frozen

Walters developed an obsession with Disney songs the last year he posted covers (in the last year, three of his covers have been Disney). First off: I have that same shirt. Second off: this is his first video over two million views. Walters also plays drums, guitar and bass in this video, but there is something different than what his usual music sounds like. This is a screamo cover of the Disney song and Walters gives the people several growls and some intense gang vocals.

1. “Wrecking Ball” by Miley Cyrus

This cover has the most views on Walters’ channel with almost three million. The video a little over two years old and is Walters’ first professionally shot video. It shows the musician playing two different guitars, bass, drums and singing in front of the camera with a blue and black car in the background and a microphone inside of someone’s house. If you’re familiar with As It Is, this cover sounds a lot like the band’s music. I also like this video because it shows Walters jumping all around (which if you’ve ever seen As It Is live, you know that he never stays still) and getting really into the music.