Take 5: We pick five Halloween makeup looks you can pull off this weekend

It’s October! So what does this mean? Halloween makeup tutorials everywhere! I personally love watching makeup tutorials. I enjoy seeing how makeup can change your look, how someone can change their look and how you can apply skills to your own makeup.

Instead of making a post with one video of a popular YouTuber doing a Halloween makeup or a makeup that would be impossible for someone, like me, with very basic skills to ever accomplish, I found five makeups that aren’t super perfect, but are easy enough to do at home and don’t require fancy makeup.

5. Half Skull by Roxxsaurus

So first up is a classic. There are hundreds of tutorials of half skull or full skull makeups. This video was posted this month, so it’s fairly new. This actually appears to be an easy makeup to do and if you don’t want to put too much effort in your costume or you’re a slacker and waited until the last minute, this would be perfect for you.

Roxxsaurus used a reference picture for her makeup, but throughout the video she suggests different ways you can do the makeup i.e. nose shape and teeth. She uses face paint, eye shadow and brushes that are sold under a different brand for $3.00 at Walmart.

This would be perfect as a cheap Halloween costume.

4. Leopard by Eliana Jalali

Jalali creates a simple but beautiful leopard makeup with nothing more than what you can find in a girl’s makeup bag. She uses a combination of eye shadows, eye liner, primer, foundation, powder, concealer, bronzer, eye pencils, eye lashes and lip gloss.

Most of the eye shadow colors she uses are found in most color palettes. Again, you don’t have to use the exact things she used or even do the same exact makeup.

What is nice about this makeup is that you can mix up colors and place the spots wherever you want. She almost gives a great tip for elongating your eyes. Jalali also gives suggestions throughout the tutorial of different ways you can do the makeup.

The biggest thing is blending. Blend the colors and your leopard makeup will look great.

3. Queen Of Demons by Violet Secret

Italian YouTuber Violet Secret has created her version of a queen of demons. She doesn’t talk during the tutorial and her directions for placing the makeup she uses is in Italian, but she holds the makeup products close to the camera so you can read them.

This YouTuber also uses makeup that can be found in any girl’s makeup bag. This includes foundation, eye shadow, lipstick, and eyeliner.

This makeup can be completed with a wig, white contacts and some sort of crown.

2. Disney Inspired Witch by Shonagh Scott

This is probably the most difficult makeup on my list and requires something more than regular makeup products or face paint. There’s a tiny prosthetic to create the bump on the nose. You don’t have to use the prosthetic though or find something else to use. Possibly using a hot glue gun and putting hot glue in a ball, then while it is cooling, roll it up and then use eyelash glue to glue it to the bridge of your nose. Other than that, the rest can be done with regular makeup products or house hold items.

Scott gives suggestions of what else you can use instead of the special effects makeup products she uses. She also gives tips on how to set up the wrinkles and where to place highlights and shadows to make your face look older.

Another important part of this makeup: blending.

Overall, I think even if you have basic makeup skills, if you put your mind to it, this makeup can be recreated.

To complete this look get a cloak with a hood and grey hair spray or a dark or grey wig.

1. The Girl With Many Eyes by Roxxsaurus

I know this is the second video from Roxxsaurus, but I like the way she uses common makeup products or face paint and her makeups aren’t flawless but look amazing and homemade. I also like how she explains the steps.

The YouTuber just uses face paint, eyeshadow, lip gloss and eyeliner to create this Tim Burton-inspired makeup.

This makeup isn’t gory, done all the time or necessarily scary. I actually find this makeup very beautiful and intriguing.

You don’t really need anything extra, unless you want to dress up the character.

This makeup can easily be another last minute costume.