So Nick Diener of the Swellers wrote a pro wrestler’s entrance music

While the Swellers are sadly broken up, we can at least be happy that the members are moving onto other projects. Bassist Anto Boros is becoming a Hollywood A-lister, drummer Jonathan Diener has pulled a Dave Grohl and formed his own band, and now it looks like frontman Nick Diener is getting into the sports entertainment business. Diener wrote the entrance music for independent wrestler Zicky Dice (who looks suspiciously like Nick Zoppo, frontman of Pure Noise Records band Heart To Heart). The track, called “$JACKPOT$,” can be heard below:

Zicky Dice was trained by current WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins, which is pretty flippin’ cool—you can see a recent match he had below, theme song and all. Nick Diener, on the other hand, recently opened his own recording studio, Oneder Studios, and is available to produce your record—or your wrestling theme song—now.