Slipknot frontman attacks WWE wrestler mid-match

No one would question Slipknot’s accolades: They’re one of the biggest bands in the history of metal, they’ve sold millions of records worldwide and they’ve even won a Grammy. So when frontman Corey Taylor (also of Stone Sour) took in an afternoon of professional wrestling at the Aftershock Festival in Sacramento, California, this past weekend, you would’ve assumed he’d be treated with respect. But NXT Superstar Baron Corbin apparently doesn’t care much for Taylor, as you can see in the below Vine, where he looks at the singer and says, “This is for you, stupid,” before throwing his opponent Samoa Joe into the barricade.

Of course, in true pro wrestling fashion, Taylor got his revenge, slapping the taste out of Corbin’s mouth, leading to a Samoa Joe victory.

No word yet on when we’ll see Corey Taylor in the Full Sail Arena, but with a right¬†hand like that, it can’t be long before he’s challenging for Finn Balor’s title, right? Maybe he can team up with his bandmate, guitarist Mick Thomson,¬†he’s got some real-life wrestling experience