RSD Black Friday to include vinyl from Coheed And Cambria, Animals As Leaders, Mighty Mighty Bosstones

Coheed And Cambria
photo: LeAnn Mueller

Okay, yeah, Black Friday is kind of gross. People trample over each other to get an HDTV or Beats headphones at a slightly discounted price, and the whole thing just reeks of consumerism sucking our culture into a deep, dark hole from which it’s nearly impossible to emerge. Fear not, however! The happiest places on earth—independent record stores—are offering safe haven this Black Friday with a whole slew of limited-edition collector’s pieces perfect for your turntable (or a frame, if you’re a weirdo who doesn’t listen to the vinyl you buy). And okay, yeah, this is also about consumerism, to an extent, but at least you’re supporting local, independent businesses and getting a potential lifetime’s worth of enjoyment from the tunes within the wax.

Bands participating in this year’s Record Store Day Black Friday include Coheed And Cambria [pictured] releasing a 12-inch of demos from The Color Before The Sun, Animals As Leaders’ self-titled album on 2xLP, the Mighty Mighty Bosstones’ Live At The Middle East on double vinyl, the Clash’s self-titled debut getting a reissue, Tenacious D releasing a new live album, Nine Inch Nails’ Halo I-IV 4xLP (collecting the singles around Pretty Hate Machine), MGMT’s Time To Pretend 12-inch, the Get Up Kids’ Red Letter Day 10-inch reissue and many more. See the full list of exclusives here, and get more information about RSD in general here.