Punchline sign to InVogue Records, announce ‘Thrilled’

Pittsburgh pop-rock band Punchline have signed to InVogue Records, who will release the band’s seventh full-length, Thrilled, on Dec. 4. Watch the music video for the album’s title track below.

Punchline’s last release was 2012’s So Nice to Meet You EP, which saw bassist Chris Fafalios vowing to quit the band if the record didn’t chart at number one on iTunes. It did secure the top of iTunes’ Rock charts, thus the continuation of Punchline and an album Fafalios says “could appeal to a 4 year old, or to a 94 year old, or to anyone in between.”

Indeed, Fafalios expressed some lofty goals for Thrilled, writing, “I want to be on everyone’s iPhones, Spotify play lists, and record players. I want to be responsible for the song stuck in people’s heads. I want to play amazing shows. I want to go back to Japan. I want to win a Grammy. I want to laugh about our past frustrations. I want to make Punchline albums until I’m a Man In My 80s.”

Fafalios has not proposed any ultimatums for reaching those goals at this time.